Application for a Casting.

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You can apply to become a model at Sensuality Queens here. How it works:

To apply to become a photo model, all you have to do is fill out the casting form and send us a current full-body photo of yourself. The minimum age is 18 years! If you have any questions about the shoots, please visit our FAQ section.

If we accept your application, we will invite you to a casting. A casting is necessary to get to know you better, to be able to assess your personality and your body and at the same time we can see whether you are suitable as a photo model.

A contribution to travel costs of up to €150.00 is possible. The casting (shooting) takes about 1-2 hours. During the casting itself, you must be without make-up.

Please fill out the casting form:

Please enter your country only, if it is NOT Germany.

In addition to the application, we also need a current photo of you!

  • We need a current full body photo (shot of the whole body) in a bikini or underwear, on which your face and eyes are clearly visible. (Nude photography is not mandatory.)
  • The image file (.jpg/.png) must be saved as your name! Use the same name that you provided in the form. 
We cannot accept your application without a photo!

You have two options for sending your application photo.

Option 1: Click on one of the email addresses or Your email program will open and you can send the application photo as an attachment with your name.

Option 2: Manual sending to one of the two e-mail addresses with your name and your application photo as an attachment.