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The most frequently asked questions.

We are looking for women for photo shoots and video clips in the following categories:

Category 1: Classic nude photography, sensual nude shootings
Nude photos are taken with the model’s legs closed. The intimate area is not necessarily clearly visible. But it is easy to see that the woman is completely naked. The photos are FKS 16 free.

Category 2: Revealing nude photography, nude shootings
The intimate area is clearly visible and the woman’s legs are closed. All body regions are clearly visible, i.e. there are no hidden areas. Close-up photos of certain regions are also taken. Free from FSK 16.

Category 3: Provocative act, softcore, adult art, sex art, porn art, pink shootings
The model is nude with her legs spread wide, but no sexual activity is shown. Free from FKS 18.

Video clips are also possible in the third category. We are particularly interested in amateur models who make themselves available for category 2 and 3. These categories also offer the best earning opportunities.

Hardcore means that sexual acts are shown, even if the woman is only having fun by herself. If you are interested, please let us know.

We are primarily interested in natural women without cosmetic surgeries, no or very few piercings or tattoos, with clothing sizes S, M, L, who are available for category 2 or 3.

Your chances and earning potential depend on how much effort you show. The more attractive and natural you are, the more revealing you are and you have a sensual charisma in front of the camera, the better.

Erotic models can earn €500 to €3000 as a flat rate for a softcore/pink shooting (category 3). When paying by the hour, €100 to €500 per hour is possible.
Category 1+2 (see FAQ “Which Shootings are Taken?”), the fee is correspondingly lower. The exact fee depends heavily on your freedom of movement (i.e. whether FSK16 or FSK18) and on the photo studio or the producer. In categories 1 and 2, the fees are correspondingly lower.

Sensuality Queens reimburses the travel expenses for the casting up to a maximum of €150, but no fee is paid for the casting itself.

Yes. We are interested in offering transparency and honesty to our models in all areas. Seriousness and security are just as important to us. We want our models to feel comfortable. For the shootings, we offer our models the free choice of being photographed by a male or female photographer.

Your casting photos will not be published. We need them to introduce you to our selected partner studios. The photos, which are taken at our partner studios after successful mediation, are made for publication.

We are a casting agency for erotic models. The purpose of Sensuality Queens is to provide our models to professional studios and to monetize recordings and video clips via platforms. Images and video clips are only passed on or monetized with the consent of the model.

The minimum age is 18 years. We work with models up to the age of about 70 years. There is actually no general maximum age. Ultimately, what matters is your attractiveness.

The casting takes 1-2 hours. The “real” photo sessions last 2 to 7, sometimes 8 hours (including breaks). They are made in a studio, a hotel, an apartment, in a house with a garden or in the great outdoors. If you don’t want to take any outdoor shots, this will of course be taken into account.

Of course, we offer those who would like to be photographed erotically, but do not wish that certain people “to notice something about it”, the possibility of casting in secrecy. We may be able to refer you to photo studios that only publish your photos online and are technically able to block them for a country or two of your choice (possibly an entire continent). But that always has disadvantages for your fee and for the number of your orders as a model. But nobody can give you a 100% guarantee that your photos won’t end up appearing where you don’t want them to.

During the casting you are naked. Please come without make-up! The casting takes 1-2 hours. We reimburse your travel expenses according to a flat-rate system up to a maximum of €150.

You can bring an accompanying person with you, but they must remain discreetly in the background and are not allowed to disturb the process. No travel expenses will be reimbursed for the accompanying person.

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